Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost a new year

Hello All it has been a while since I have posted something on my blog. I have new work that I have recently finished that I will post later because I have to take photos with a great camera in the meantime I have recently been included in a show in New York. The show is currently up at Driscoll Babcock Galleries in Chelsea and it closes January 18th. If you are in the city please go and check it out, here are some links to check out about the show.

Here is an excerpt about the show.

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 12, 2013, 6-8PM
DRISCOLL BABCOCK GALLERIES presents Corpus Americus, an exhibition of contemporary American art that explores the question, “what does it mean to be an American today?” The exhibition’s title is derived from the Latin phrase Habeas Corpus, which translates into "you shall have the body."Habeas Corpus is an important, often-manipulated legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom from arbitrary state action. The human body, manifested through art, is an apt symbol to represent our individual lives, as well as our shared fate.
Corpus Americus is a collection of new work by a dynamic group of 10 emerging and mid-career American artists that challenges the viewer to consider the evolving notion of individual and collective American identity.
Working in a range of media including painting, drawing and sculpture, the artists featured in the exhibition present varied manifestations of the human body as a proxy, representing American identity politics and social hierarchies. In their work, the artists employ myriad methodologies and processes to present emotionally charged presentations of the human body. While all of the exhibition’s contemporary artists do not necessarily work exclusively in portraiture or figuratively as a practice, all are interested in confronting conventional notions of identity and representation.
Corpus Americus is curated by Dexter Wimberly and features work by artists: Margaret Bowland; Caitlin Cherry; Derek Fordjour; Valerie Hegarty; Doron Langberg; Simone Leigh; Mario Moore; Jenny Morgan; Jennifer Packer; and Nathaniel Mary Quinn.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Old and New

Revolution on your front porch, Oil on canvas, 72 x 54, 2013
Private Collection

Grisaille of Oshun, Oil on canvas, 56 x 44, 2012
Posted, Oil on canvas, 84 x 60, 2013

Policed, silicone, resin, pigment, plexi-glass, 4 x 7, 2013
Siriusly, Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 96 x 54, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

A clear sky after the storm, MFA thesis show!!!

 Whooooooo!!!!! So I am finished with my thesis show but the interesting thing about having it in the middle of the semester is that I have more work to do still. Still more gains to make and more findings to explore. This is an installation view of the room that I was in along with, Wayde, Lucia, and Jon.

 These paintings are on copper.
Jewel 2, Oil on copper, 12 x 20, 2013
Private Collection
Jewel 1, Oil on copper, 12 x 20, 2013
Private Collection
 The title of the painting on the left is "Siriusly", and yes it is meant to be spelled that way. The symbol that is done in gold left represents Canis Major, the constellation, with the star Sirius in the middle.
 Not yet sure what the title of the peace in the middle is just yet, it may be "post white enough?"

Raid on Harpers Ferry, Graphite and Plexi-glass, 36 x 16, 2013
Private Collection

Policed, silicone, resin, pigment, plexi-glass, 4 x 7, 2013

Much Love, Peace