Monday, February 25, 2013

A clear sky after the storm, MFA thesis show!!!

 Whooooooo!!!!! So I am finished with my thesis show but the interesting thing about having it in the middle of the semester is that I have more work to do still. Still more gains to make and more findings to explore. This is an installation view of the room that I was in along with, Wayde, Lucia, and Jon.

 These paintings are on copper.
Jewel 2, Oil on copper, 12 x 20, 2013
Private Collection
Jewel 1, Oil on copper, 12 x 20, 2013
Private Collection
 The title of the painting on the left is "Siriusly", and yes it is meant to be spelled that way. The symbol that is done in gold left represents Canis Major, the constellation, with the star Sirius in the middle.
 Not yet sure what the title of the peace in the middle is just yet, it may be "post white enough?"

Raid on Harpers Ferry, Graphite and Plexi-glass, 36 x 16, 2013
Private Collection

Policed, silicone, resin, pigment, plexi-glass, 4 x 7, 2013

Much Love, Peace