Monday, April 20, 2009

Some things left Out

So this is something that didnt get published in the metrotimes i was featured in. I understand because it was not art related but i believe it is something people should know about Detroit's Finest.

"Tell me something weird, or share an interesting story about yourself?"

Ok so one adventurous Friday night in city of Detroit my uncle, my cousin, my uncles girl and I all went to Floods for my older cousin’s 30th birthday. Everything was cool until one of the gentlemen in the club kept staring quite hard at my uncles female friend and he would periodically approach her and say a couple of words and my uncle is the type of guy that doesn’t pay to much attention to his lady friends so I didn’t intervene he was having a good time with his cousin and aunty. The night progressed and we all had a few drinks and the lounge was about to close. Everyone was leaving and it was just the workers at the lounge, a few stragglers, my uncle, my two cousins, and the girl and like 9 guys. One of the guys was still talking to my uncle’s friend (I will refer to her as the girl from now on). So im ready to go and so is my cousin who is on the other side of the lounge at the door. My uncle is still talking while I get my coat on and I get ready to go but the girl is still in the chair as the dude talks to her. So I tell her and motion her to come on because we are leaving and she pays me no mind and then all the guys that were with the one that is talking to her surround the girl. In my head I think damn, shit is about to go down, so I call to her again and then motion her to come, then I walk in the middle of the 250 pound 6 foot crowd of guys and tell her to come on. She begins to yell at the dude in front of her and says f him and what not. I have to pause the story here because I need to tell you where the girl is from, she is from the south and knows nothing about Detroit guys and also doesn’t know when she should keep her mouth shut. So after I call her and that’s not working I grab her chin and turn it towards me and tell her to come on, so she snatches away from me and stands on the stool and cusses at the guy in front of her. Before she could get to into becoming a Detroit thug she gets clocked right in the face and the fight is on. Basically I get punched, my uncle gets jumped because he is in the army and he wanted to show off I suppose (keep in mind he is half the size of these dudes but he still holds his own) and my cousin seeing all the commotion and the 9 guys beating us down, mainly my uncle lol, comes over and gets hit in the head with a bottle. So we leave the club and the girl is in the car with my cousin who’s birthday it was and my uncle, my cousin, and me were in my uncle’s truck. So we jump on the freeway headed home and then my uncles realizes he has to go back to get his phone because he left it there. I come off the exit of Mack and 75 where the McDonalds is and turn left to get back on the freeway and then my uncle says we are being followed. My female cousin pulls up beside us and says the same thing and then out of nowhere we get flicked by the cops and the car that was following us pulls off. We pull over on the first side street and there are 3 Detroit police patrol cars and 2 state police sheriff vehicles. So the cops get out and approach our truck, they are mad as hell, guns blazing at the truck. I am in the driver seat, my cousin is riding passenger and my uncle is in the back. There are like 4 cops on my side and 3 on the other side, one cop comes to me and points the gun at my head and tells me to unlock the doors and roll down the windows and put my hands out the window at the same time. So I calmly say this is not my truck and I don’t know how to operate most of the stuff, because I don’t want to end up on the news with my brains splattered everywhere, so he continues to yell at me as I manage to roll down a window or two. They continue to say the want the guy in the back with the white jacket on. My uncle opens the door and has his hands in the air as they tell him to get out, my uncle says to the officer over and over again that he is military and he is getting his id. The cop doesn’t care and says “I don’t give a fuck if you’re military”. They drag him out from the other side and my uncle says he is not resisting arrest as an un-uniformed officer punches him in the face. So then I get handcuffed and taken to the front of the patrol car and I’m asking what we are being pulled over for, he says someone called and stated we had a gun at the bar. My cousin is still in the passenger seat as he yells at the cop without a uniform and names drops some head of the police force so he doesn’t get cuffed. He then ask the officer his badge number and name and the officer says, “I aint no cop”. So as I talk to the officer standing in front of me they bring my uncle over and slam his head on the patrol car and I manage to explain everything to the officer or rather they should be explaining and he understands that they were dead wrong. The last thing they say to my uncle before we get in the car is “thank you for serving our country”. You better believe there is a painting coming about this!

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