Monday, July 13, 2009

Ellen Kayrod Gallery

This is an annual invitational exhibit that features the work of artists of all ages who are active members of the Detroit art community. Participants in this year’s Intergenerational Community Exhibition are:

Christine Bossler, Barbara Dorchen, Jerome Ferretti, Ray Katz, Emily Linn, Nicole MacDonald, Mario Moore, Sabrina Nelson, SiouxTrujillo, and Anahli Vazquez. The artists range from the young and emerging to the established veterans, and their work includes body ornament, paintings, sculpture, installation, assemblage, collage, drawings and photography.

The show had a nice turn out and there were many people that came to the show who enjoyed my work. You know now its just a matter of getting my artwork beyond Michigan.

By the way the show is still up so go and check it out people, I believe it will remain up until November folks.

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