Monday, August 24, 2009

Here is the finish

Hello all, this is a piece that I am working on for the artprize competition in Grand Rapids. It is the first year of the competition and it is the worlds largest prize competition. People have been referring to it as an American Idol type of competition. First place is 250000 dollars and man that would be so lovely if it landed in my lap. You can check out the competition and my profile on Its a voting competition but the only thing is you have to be on location to register to vote, which sucks.

This piece that I am working on focuses on the lives and families of inner city people. The mother is in agany because she sees a police officer that is approaching her porch. I really wanted to leave it to the viewer to decide what has happened, so the policemen could be backing up from telling her some bad news. Essentially she has found out that her son has been killed and her brother , friend, husband, or cousin is holding her for comfort. The reason I have so many options for the man in the image is because everyones living conditions are different. She could be living in a home with alot of relatives and he is there for the news.

I will post the finish soon, be on the look out.

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