Thursday, July 14, 2011


So It has been  while since I last posted, been a little busy getting prepared to move. Anyway I just bought and read this graphic novel that Alex Ross illustrated. It is an amazing story, the entire book compiles all the editions together in one. The story is very different from your traditional comic or graphic novel about super heroes. The story focuses on human beings and what they go through as new marvels and super heroes barge into their life. In the novel it focuses on a photographer and his experiences in a marvel world.

Great buy and amazing visuals, If you do not know Alex Ross visit his website and be amazed. He breathes human emotions and reality into his characters and you actually feel like you are reading a real life story or a live action film with all the plot twisting and character relations of human beings.


  1. Hi! :) i'v met you in person at Ecorse Community High School right before school let out. I'm Natesha McGuire better known at Akio Kawa. I was in Ms. Bells 2nd hour class and i was just in awe to se how awesome you art work was. you really inspired me to be more serious about perfecting my talent i just want to let you know - Akio Kawa

  2. Well Thank you so much Akio. I really appreciate that, I was not sure if anyone really cared about what I had to say. I am glad that you are getting serious about your art, its great when young people can stay focused on art.